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Finance and Financial Technologies

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50,000+ Finance jobs in India. You can   be one of them

Can Will

50,000+ Finance jobs in India. You can be one of them

Can Will
Our Learner Success Team will ensure to get you the right skills you need to become a
Equity Research Analyst
Risk Manager/Financial Risk Manager/Credit Risk Manager
Corporate Finance Analyst
Credit Analyst
Treasury Dealer/Sales
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Where our learners work
Emkay Capital
JP morgan
Tikona capital
Glodman Sachs
Average salary range
5 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs
Dates to be announced
Next Cohort Starts
11 months
Bachelor’s degree
Strong background in high school mathematics. Recommended work experience of 4+ years in Finance or Tech domain.
Dates to be announced
Application Deadline
Strong background in high school mathematics. Recommended work experience of 4+ years in Finance or Tech domain.

Custom curated international curriculum

The program aims to explore the ways in which new technologies are disrupting the financial services industry
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Program Brochure

For detailed curriculum and program structure, download the program brochure

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Foundations of Modern Finance I
This module lays the theoretical and conceptual foundations of finance. It introduces you to concepts such as model asset pricing, valuation of stocks, and efficient market hypothesis.
Foundations of Modern Finance II
This module introduces you to concepts such as vanilla derivatives, portfolio theory, risk management, introduction to real options, liabilities etc.
Financial Accounting
Build up sufficient familiarity with financial statements and accounting concepts used in the industry
Equity Research and Financial Modelling
Capability to analyze financial statements and form actionable opinions about companies
Build and capability to analyze and use technology to solve problems in the financial services industry
Financial Regulations
This module will introduce you to concepts such as BASEL FRTB and help you understand the use of data science to optimise regulatory capital requirements in banks.
Emerging ideas in Finance and Technology
This module will help you understand the use of blockchain technology with a focus on cryptocurrencies, NFTs, smart contracts and their applications in financial services.
Finance, Fintech, Regulations & Data from an Indian Perspective
This module helps you understand the challenges and opportunities in Indian Banking and Fintech in India.
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Industry Leading Faculty

Learn from world-class faculty that will guide you through this program
Satyam Arora

Satyam Arora

CFA | 7+ years of experience

Experience in Equity Research, Financial Modeling, M&A, Financial Accounting, Banking, Macro Research and Quants. He is a certified Professor of CFA (for all 3 levels).
View Linkedin Profile
Lalit Fulara

Lalit M. Fulara

CFA | 13+ years of experience

CFA charter holder has worked on assurance, business advisory, antimoney laundering, and transaction advisory projects. Specialties: Equity, Banking, Financial Services.
Artboard 14
Artboard 64
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Shivakumar Gurunathan Bavamala

Shivakumar Gurunathan Bavamala

PGP in Management | 16+ years of experience

An IIT - Madras and IIM - Ahmedabad alumni with experience in the financial services industry in Trading and Risk Management roles in India and the UK.
View Linkedin Profile
Frederick Muller

Frederick Muller

MBA | 30+ years of experience

Experience in Financial Risk Management, Regulatory Management, Credit Market Risk Management, and working at Bank of America, Dresdner Kleinwort, Barclays, etc.
Artboard 70
Artboard 17
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Dipyaman Sanyal College

Dipyaman Sanyal

CEO - Dono Consulting | 15+ years of experience

Seasoned professional and among the 40-under-40 Data Scientists of 2019 in India and the leading Data Science Academicians in India in 2018 & 2019.
North western university
Artboard 66
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Finance and Financial Technologies
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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Related
What is Finance and Financial technologies Course?

Finance and financial technologies courses will teach students how to improve financial services with the help of technology. This Finance course will help students gain knowledge about digital money, digital double bookkeeping, and online payments.

The Finance course will also help students gain knowledge about financial technology that has been automated in the areas of banking services, trading, risk management, automated insurance, banking services and finance.

This Finance course will help you gain proper knowledge and understanding in the area of financial technology.

Is Finance a good career?

In short, yes, it is. A career in finance is extremely rewarding and also lucrative. The Finance course is ideal for students who are highly ambitious but also have knowledge of accounting and economics. 

The best finance courses are also great for learners who have the power to grasp and resolve complicated financial data and concepts.

When to do a Finance and financial technologies Course?

Students can easily apply for the Finance course if they have a background in business administration, basic finance, or technology. You can also apply for this Finance course when you have good knowledge of computer science, mathematics, coding, and programming. Applying for the financial and financial technologies course is also ideal for individuals who can deal with challenges.

What should I expect from the Finance and financial technologies course?

Opting for this Finance course will let you gain knowledge about the latest trends in FinTech. You will also get a boost in your career, which will help you become a master in dealing with financial technologies and gain more knowledge about FinTech.

With the Finance course, you also get the chance to lead the new era of FinTech and obtain unique skills, which will certainly help you greatly in your financial field.

What is the program structure for this online Finance and financial technologies Course?

In the program structure under the Finance course, you will find assessments, case studies, and video lectures, which will enable you to explore all the main sections of FinTech.

These sections of the Finance course are Introduction to FinTech, Emerging and Payment Technologies, Alternative Finance, Digital Finance, FinTech Regulations, Security and Data and RegTech.

Who is this Finance program for?

Anyone interested in making a career in high finance or fintech, who might come from a basic finance, business administration or technology background. Working professionals with some exposure to banking, or any finance related domain including operations, may find the program extremely useful to transition to pure finance and fintech roles.

Why should you enrol for this Finance program?

Most academic programs in finance tend to focus on a few aspects of accounting and the theoretical aspects of modern finance. While these are essential for understanding applied finance, ignoring the practical applications of finance and the technology revolution that the field is undergoing is leading to a huge gap between the skills that the industry is looking for and what academic or learning institutions are teaching.

How will this Finance program make you industry-ready?

After graduating from the program, you will be able to:

  1. Write an Equities Research Report. The program covers how investment banks build the underlying models of their equity research reports.
  2. Understand the stock markets. You will have a clear idea of the fundamental analysis of stocks and their valuations, ratio analysis, and investment research.
  3. Work at a VC firm. VC firms focus on non-traded or private firms, which are extremely difficult to value. You will be taught how to use market sizing, market shares, and growth rates to value unlisted firms.
  4. Understand how the financial markets really work. From the core theory to its application, its relationship with the economy, the labour market, and the psychology of the markets – we cover it all.
What do you mean by Indian contextualization in terms of this Finance program?

A large part of understanding finance is learning about the financial and accounting regulations, market-specific nuances, economic factors, and the data and technological availability – which are all geography-dependent. While the program covers details on global regulations and standards, it will also ensure that you are ready to work in Indian markets, for Indian clients, and for maybe even for your own India-focused start-up.

Which job roles can you apply for after completing the Finance program?

You can look at roles such as:

  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Treasury Dealer/Sales
  • Risk Manager/Financial Risk Manager/Credit Risk Manager
  • Corporate Finance Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Business Analyst (Fintech)
  • …to name a few.
What is the market demand for a Finance career?

By completing the Finance course, you will get the chance to apply for job positions, which are, at present, in high demand in the market. Some of the job roles that are on-demand are:

  • Financial Risk Manager [FRM]
  • Certified Financial Planning [CFP]
  • Chartered Public Account [CPA]
  • Chartered Financial Analysts [CFA]
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Controller
  • Risk Analysts
What are the subjects that will be covered in the Finance and financial technologies course?

In the online finance certification, there are important topics that are covered. These are:

  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  • Machine Learning [ML]
  • Robo-Advising
  • Data Science
  • Algorithm Trading
  • Blockchain

Other topics, which are covered under the Finance course are Financial Products and Capital Markets, Investment Banking, IT platforms, IoT, and Cloud Computing.

Why should you enroll for this Finance program?

Most academic programs in finance tend to focus on a few aspects of accounting and the theoretical aspects of modern finance. While these are essential for understanding applied finance, ignoring the practical applications of finance and the technology revolution that the field is undergoing is leading to a huge gap between the skills that the industry is looking for and what academic or learning institutions are teaching.

What sectors make the most effective cover in the Finance and financial technologies?

There are countless sections which make the most in financial technologies, and some of them are:

  • Investment Management
  • Banking
  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Commercial and Retail Banking
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity

You can learn more sections of the finance field, such as Financial Analysis, Valuation & and Risk Management.

Can a fresh graduate seek employment after completing this Finance and financial technologies course?

In short, yes, it's possible. Once you complete your online finance certification, you can easily look for a job in the finance sector.

After completing the best finance courses, you need to conduct some research on the job role you need and get a good understanding of the skills which financial recruiters want.

After completing the online finance certification, you must also think of doing an MBA and gaining a bit of professional experience before applying for a job in finance.

Would the content be available to me after completion of the course?

Whether or not the content will still be available after completing the certification course in finance will depend on the instructor and the class. You will come across session-based classes and on-demand classes.

When you choose the on-demand classes of the certification course in finance, you will surely find the content available. But if you have opted for session-based classes of the best finance courses, it will depend on the instructor if they wish to provide the classes even after the session for the Finance course has ended.

How will this Finance and financial technologies, with certificate, help me progress in my career?

Opting for the certification course in finance from Hero Vired will help you progress in your career greatly. You will get the chance to deal with all types of problems, handle all the technical demands and get lead from the front.

The Finance course will also add great value to your resume and bring a lot of credibility to the job profile. The certification course in finance is ideal for people who wish to kickstart their finance career and also for experts who wish to improve their skills.

To Master Finance and financial technologies what skills are required?

To become an expert in the area of finance and financial technologies, you have to learn the following skills:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Technology Expertise
  • Education and Training
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Aptitude for Financial Reporting

Besides that, you will obtain several skills through the certification course in finance, such as Analytical know-how, technical expertise, Management expertise, and the Ability to Interact.

What important skills will I learn with the Finance and financial technologies program?

Through the fintech courses, you will learn more essential skills, which will certainly help you greatly. Some of these courses are:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • The Capacity of Innovation
  • Having experience in Technology
  • Business Savvy

You will also learn skills like interpersonal skills, education, training, and many other skills from the finance courses.

What happens in the career monitoring sessions for finance courses?

In the finance courses, the mentoring sessions will teach learners how to attract all new talents. Mentoring sessions in the courses for financial technologies will also help increase retention. The Finance course will also teach learners how to utilize mentoring in the form of a tool for leadership development and also can be used for knowledge sharing.

What roles can the Finance and financial technologies professional play?

In the area of financial technologies, there are several job roles which professionals can easily opt for. These are:

  • Human Resources
  • Data Analyst
  • Customer Success Analyst
  • Innovation Manager
  • Data Scientists
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Tech Consultant

You can opt for any one of the job roles after completing the Finance course.

What is the placement assurance after successful completion of the program?

After completing the Finance course, it's 100% guaranteed that you will be ready to work in the field of finance and financial technologies without any delay. 

You will come across various job roles offered by some of the leading firms in the market. After completing the Finance course, you can opt for a job position based on your skills and knowledge without much hassle.

What projects will I execute in this fintech online program?

There are various types of projects you will execute through the fintech course or the Finance course online. Some of these projects are

  • Automated portfolio managers
  • Peer-to-peer payment services
  • Creating trading platforms
  • Projects related to mobile banking

There are many other projects you will do through the Finance course online. Be sure to learn more about it.

What topics will be covered in the Hero Vired's program?

Under the financial technologies course offered by Hero Vired, you will come across the following topics:

  • Finance, Regulations, FinTech and Data from an Indian Perspective
  • Foundations of Modern Finance – I
  • Foundations of Modern Finance – II
  • Programming
  • Financial Regulations
  • Financial Modelling and Equity Research
  • Emerging Ideas in Technology and Finance

Apart from these topics, the Finance course has many other topics, which will provide you with a clear understanding of FinTech.

Will I be able to do this program if I have a non-finance background?

In short, yes, you can. You can certainly apply for the Finance course even when you don't have a finance background. To do this program, you need to do the following:

  • Before opting for the Finance course, do a good amount of networking
  • Gain knowledge about the "Wall Street" jargon
  • Begin and maintain a blog on finance
  • Take the help of a trading simulator 
  • Opt for a "financial analyst training program" online before opting for the Finance course online.

If you're looking for a Certified Program in Strategic Management and Business Essentials, you can click on this link to proceed!

Is there any certification awarded at the end of the Finance and financial technologies course?

After successfully completing the fintech course, you will receive a "certificate of completion" from the institute. The fintech online courses can be used during job interviews, and it's guaranteed that you will get the job.

Who will be the faculty to take financial technologies, online classes?

A world-class and industry-leading faculty team, which consists of instructors who have years of experience in the area of financial technologies, will be there to assist you. During the Finance course online classes, they will teach you all the areas of the fintech courses and help you get an excellent understanding of all the topics.

Time Commitment
What is the time commitment expected for the program?

For this Finance course, you must commit 228 hours in live learning, 592 hours of the overall effort and 17 hours of total weekly effort. That way, you can complete the fintech courses on time.

Admission Criteria
How can I apply for this Finance and financial technologies course at Hero Vired?

To apply for the Finance course at Hero Vired, you first need to submit an application. Make sure to fill out the application for the fintech online courses with all the correct information and double-check before submission.

After that, you have to wait for some time to get the offer letter from Hero Vired. The offer letter for the Finance course will contain all the information, including the fee, program, payment schedule, etc. 

The last step for the Finance course admission is to block your seat by paying up a small amount.

What is the prerequisite to join the program?

The prerequisite for the fintech courses is:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Strong background in high school mathematics
  • Recommended work experience of 4+ years in finance or tech domain
What is the deadline to enroll in this course?

Please have a look at the Finance and Financial Technologies program pages for the latest deadlines, but it's advised that you apply as early as possible.

What is the placement assistance provided to the learners?

The placement assistance on the Finance course is completely personalized, which will help you greatly with your career objectives.

Are there any other programs offered by Hero Vired similar to this program?

Yes, you will certainly come across other programs which are similar to the course on financial technologies on Hero Vired.

Refund Policy/Financials
What is the program fee?

The program fee for the Finance course is INR 10,500 per month, and the total fee is INR 4,00,000 with GST.

Is there any deferral or refund policy for this Program?

Hero Vired does not have any cancellation policy for the Finance course. It also does not provide any refund for the best finance courses.

What are the payment options to pay the course fee?

You can make the payment for the Finance course every month.

Is there any financial assistance or scholarship available for the Finance and financial technologies program?

Hero Vired will provide up to 50% fee waived on the Finance course for all those candidates who have excellent past performance. Students will also receive financial assistance for the fintech online courses.

Finance and Financial Technology Course

Hero Vired's unique course on finance and financial technologies is ideal for candidates who wish to build their careers in the area of finance.

As one of the best finance courses in India, it will provide in-depth knowledge on all the topics. Candidates will also learn unique skills from the best finance courses, which will certainly help them greatly.

The Finance course contains over 4 case studies and projects for effective learning. It also comes with 70% to 90% live online classes and so on....

Why should I choose Hero Vired's Financial Technology course?

When it comes to choosing the financial technology courses from Hero Vired, there are countless reasons to do so. Some of these reasons are:

  • Top-notch instructors: The financial technology courses are taught by top-notch and highly qualified instructors of finance courses in India. They will explain all the topics properly so you can understand them well.
  • Develop skills: Opting for financial technology courses can help you develop unique skills, such as problem-solving skills, technology expertise, communication skills, relational skills, etc.
  • Job Profiles: After completing the financial technology courses, you can easily apply for various job roles, such as blockchain software engineer, finance manager, blockchain product manager, finance analyst, etc.
  • Strengthen the Resume: The finance courses in India can help add value to your resume, which will, in return, attract all the best recruiters from the best company. The Finance course will enable all the recruiters to understand your skills, which will allow them to ask you for the correct remuneration.
  • Attending Live Classes: For the Finance course, you will attend a live class online from anywhere and at any time. You can use any device, including tablets and smartphones, to attend classes. But make sure that you have an excellent internet connection so that you don't experience any interruptions during the classes of the fintech online courses.

Tools and Technology Covered in this Financial Technology Course

There are countless types of technology and tools covered under the Finance course or fintech courses, and these are: 

  • Blockchain technology 
  • Big Data Functions [ for instance, RPA or Robotic Processing Automation]
  • Machine Learning [ML] 
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]

If you wish to gain knowledge and understanding about Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in detail, please click here!

Finance and Financial Technologies Course

Hero Vired has gained popularity for providing world-class programs in collaboration with well-known institutions across the globe. They have a diverse range of programs, and the Finance course is one of them. 

Through the best finance courses in India, students will gain a solid understanding of fintech courses, develop skills and get to work on various case studies and projects. 

The fintech online courses come with hands-on and practical learning sessions along with personalized placement learning. Taking up the Finance course from Hero Vired will surely help you build a successful career.

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