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The 8 Top Product Manager Skills You’ll Need in 2023

29 Mar 2023
Today, product managers are in high demand in the business world.  These multi-skilled individuals are essential to any company’s growth and success as they drive the creation, deployment, and upkeep of valuable goods or products.  These professionals are unique from others as they bring a highly sought-after mix of technical proficiency, industry knowledge, and interpersonal […]
product manager skills

Today, product managers are in high demand in the business world. 

These multi-skilled individuals are essential to any company’s growth and success as they drive the creation, deployment, and upkeep of valuable goods or products. 

These professionals are unique from others as they bring a highly sought-after mix of technical proficiency, industry knowledge, and interpersonal skills. 

Need to make a career in product management? You’ll want to know the skills required for a product manager. You’ll face no difficulty landing a job in this field by acquiring all the product management skills. 

But what are the exact skills needed? The answer lies within this article. Read till the end to explore the list of top product manager skills companies seek from candidates nowadays. 

However, if you’re entirely new to the concept of product management, you should read this article first: What is Product Management?

Roles and Responsibilities of Product Manager

Here is a small yet compact list of the major roles and responsibilities of a product manager:

  1. Conducting market research and creating competitive evaluations.
  2. Bringing stakeholders together to support the product’s goal.
  3. Fostering a common brain among larger teams to encourage independent judgment.
  4. Recognizing and expressing user requirements.
  5. Creating the vision of the product. 
  6. Emphasizing a product’s qualities and strengths.

Skills Required for Product Manager

Here is a comprehensive list of all the skills needed for product management. You will take a step forward to a better future by honing these product manager skills. 

1.Product Strategy

Product strategy is among the key product manager skills one must comprehend and acknowledge after establishing a product’s major initiatives and objectives. 
product manager skills
To start, you need to study the market and competitors and the correct questions to ask individuals. Product managers are driven to develop a product roadmap to clarify their goals and the path to achieving them.

2.A Talent for A/B Testing

A/B testing is now considered one of the most vital product manager skills. The product manager determines what works and doesn’t work for the product. 

You could go with your instinct, but there’s no way of knowing if you’d taken a different path would’ve been a better outcome. To determine whether your options outperform their counterparts, you should create an A/B test instead.

A/B testing contrasts two iterations of a feature, product, or flow, each with a single modification, such as a new picture or call to action. You may determine which version works better with users by doing an A/B test correctly.

3.A Knack for Coding

Although coding is one of the crucial product manager skills, you don’t have to learn how to code like a pro. Coding is not your responsibility. 

But, if you have a basic grasp of coding, you’ll be able to comprehend the job that your technical staff does and explain its nature to the other members of your team. 

Furthermore, this product manager skill will assist you in planning your resource and time allocation by enabling you to comprehend the effort the technical team would need to expend to fulfill your request.

4.Customer & Market Research Competencies

This is crucial skill required by a product manager. The ability to perform thorough market research is required to become a skilled product manager. In addition to examining how the product may better represent the marketplace, market research is essential when conceiving a new product to determine if there’s a clientele or competitive landscape for it. 

Implementing user interviews and surveys, collecting, and analyzing consumer feedback, determining the audience’s requirements, and collaborating with a research group are all examples of this.

5.Great Written Communication Skills 

One of the key product manager skills is writing. Your normal day might entail the following writing:

  • Meeting Summaries
  • Slack Communications
  • Wikis Presentations
  • Training Resources

Product managers are the repository for all subject matter expertise; good ones are adept at keeping their team members informed.


One of the key product manager skills everyone should heed is doing what you’re best at and delegating the rest to others. 
product manager skills
As a product manager, you must assign responsibilities along with duties/tasks. You won’t be actually unloading the workload if you delegate jobs yet insist on remaining the final decision-maker in every situation. Also, you’re passing up the chance to empower others who are close to you.

7.The Ability to Develop a Product Roadmap

One of the crucial product manager skills is knowing how to create a product roadmap. A product roadmap outlines your strategic plan and directs your product’s creation, introduction, and growth. 

Team members must consult this schedule whenever concerns about developing fresh procedures and solutions occur.

8.A Familiarity with User Onboarding

Last on the list of critical product manager skills is familiarity with user onboarding. 

Knowing the fundamentals of user onboarding must be regarded as among the core competencies of a product manager because it may build or ruin a product.

What Is the Product Manager Qualification?

The typical educational background of a product manager includes an MBA, a degree in technical subjects like computer science or engineering, or a certification in product management. 

By establishing contacts within the businesses looking for their skills, one can even pursue a product management position in non-technical fields.

Technology and Product Manager: Relation

Technical skills are among the key product manager skills one needs to learn and hone. You’ll need a more targeted learning route to update yourself with such role-specific technical competencies. 

A product management course is the most efficient approach to acquiring the fundamental skills required by a product manager for the sector and becoming certified for employment. It’s significant to highlight that this has developed into a crucial role in and of itself, in addition to a set of abilities.


How important is data analysis in product management, and what tools can I use to improve my data analysis skills?

The success and growth of a product depend on its product analytics. It may give you all the knowledge you require to ensure that your product is well received by your target market, such as how consumers use it, what aspects they appreciate, what challenges they encounter, and when they stop using it.

To improve your data analysis capabilities: 

  • Find out how powerful data mining and data analytics technologies like Excel, Power BI, Tableau etc.
  • Develop your data visualization and narrative abilities.
  • Create a strong foundation of statistical and business intelligence skills.

What is the best way to communicate with cross-functional teams as a product manager?

The best way to communicate and work with Cross-Functional Teams as a product manager are as follows: 

  • Emphasize creating rapport and team cohesiveness.
  • Establish personal connections with every team member.
  • Ensure everyone knows how their individual contributions affect the big picture.
  • Maintain communication within your multidisciplinary team as it expands.

How can I prioritize competing demands and make effective decisions as a product manager?

You can opt for the weighted scoring prioritization method to prioritize competing demands and make effective decisions: 

  • Get started by providing a concise strategic overview of your upcoming product launch.
  • Make a list of the product attributes connected to that release.
  • Establish standards for grading and give every driver a certain amount of weight.
  • Give each driver a score between 1 and 100 after reviewing every feature.

What is the role of experimentation and testing in product management, and how can I develop these skills?

Product testing examines a product’s idea, feature or functioning to see how prospective users might interact with it. Although it’s a typical component of software creation, many businesses employ this kind of testing to design and promote items to consumers efficiently.

How can I stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in product management?

To stay updated with the latest product management trends and technologies, check the engineering blogs from the site of top product firms. One of the best solutions is Google Trends, which helps you determine popular tools.

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