Top 10 Traits of a Great Software Developer

Top 10 Traits of a Great Software Developer

Developing software can be a hard process and one needs to have a scientific as well as a creative mind. There can be several good software developers but there are only a few who are great. And, to differentiate, one should be aware of the several factors that are needed to be considered to be a great software developer. So, it is very important to carry on with the right mindset and attitude to become the best one.


A developer or a software engineer is the one who creates new programs. In order to do so, the person needs to be extremely eager to learn coding and many other things and be extremely passionate about it. Some of the most recurring questions that come to mind while becoming a developer are: is web development a good career and is it hard?


The answer to both the questions would be yes. It is in fact a very good career choice as it offers security and long-term finance. It also allows people to be the boss of their own. Besides, it is hard but the learner’s positive mindset is all that is needed. If the learner is willing to explore his/her creativity through a logical mind, then it can bring in a lot of opportunities.


There are several people fighting for the best position as a software developer. And, in this competition, one must separate himself/herself from others to catch the eyes. Today, a lot of people are aware of the basics or have general knowledge about software development. But, how many have the knowledge that helps them to be in a better position than others?


Data structuring, algorithms, designing, and understanding requirements are some of the few basic things the person trying to be a developer should know about. Contributing to an open-source code from Google and some other projects is something that would help in polishing your skills. And, this could be done with the help of web development courses. A full stack developer course would provide a wide array of knowledge and would be recommended to a learning software developer in order to flourish.


It is necessary to start working and learning early in order to become an efficient software developer. Hence, a web development course is recommended where the programmer can learn the attitude with which he/she has to move forward in order to become a great one. This web developer course must offer to teach full stack web development as it would be needed in near future.


Now one must question what is a full stack developer course? Notably, full stack developers work on both the frontend and backend (client and server side). Hence, a full stack web development course could help you learn the art of creating an absolute masterpiece that has to be different from others. And, it is absolutely a must in order to be a great one instead of a good software engineer. 


If you are not a full stack web developer yet and want to learn about full stack web development, then there are a lot of courses such as a Python full stack developer course or a full stack web development course with certification. Enroll in the best full stack developer course and learn about who is a full stack developer in order to make yourself the best one out there. A comprehensive full stack web development course would also allow a better understanding of the question ‘is web development a good career or not’.


So, if you are someone who really wants to pursue this path of becoming a great software developer, then you should first and foremost be technically and analytically sound. But, you should also consider becoming a full stack web developer. Listed down below are some more tips regarding the attitude a developer needs to have in order to become a great software developer other than that and having good design skills.

The Traits that make someone a great software developer

  1. Experimental

    Channeling your curiosity in the right direction with a positive attitude is the first trait a developer should possess. It is very important to have knowledge of full stack web development, the ability to learn, adapt and grow, not to give up easily, and continue even after several failures. Also, the learner should be patient and should have love for learning.

  2. Coding

    Before anything else, a software developer should develop great navigation skills in order to develop a good coding sense. Coding is the most important thing to think about while understanding your skills as it is the most important thing that is the focal point of programming. Doing code reviews helps you understand the errors. This further enhances your skills. This is one of the most crucial software developer skills.

  3. Technical skills

    It is given that in order to stand out, the knowledge of full stack is extremely important as this puts developers in a better position. Web development courses and full stack web development courses with placements would offer you the desired learning experience. Writing unit tests would also enhance your coding, designing, and general technical skills.

  4. Soft skills 

    These are the basics that every programmer should be acquainted with and such skills include problem-solving, digital literacy, analytical thinking, teamwork, creativity, patience, and more. Each of these soft skills is a part of the attitude that a software developer must have. They should be self-aware and self-confident in order to become the professionals they aspire to be.

  5. Attitudes

    An aspiring web developer should always be willing to question bugs that are the worst enemy of a developer in order to write good code and challenge the tester. It is very important to acknowledge the tester and improve oneself. And, in order to be confident about their program, there should be no compromise in terms of code quality and it should be the top priority. And, for that, they have to keep in mind maintainable design and more. 

  6. Mindset and approach to problem-solving

    A prospecting software developer has to keep in mind that he/she has to be confident and not arrogant. They have to recognize the skills of competitors and instead of dismissing them, respect them and try to make yours into something not better but different. Another mindset that one should have is that a number of failures are going to come in the way and one has to accept, improve and start again. This is one of the most crucial software developer skills.

  7. How they handle crises and difficult situations

    A survey has shown that the learning process is constant for programmers. And, there will be several crises and difficult situations that will come in the way. Mentorship or coaching such as a web developer course or a full stack developer course with placement like a Python full stack developer course would do the needful. Instead of giving up completely, these courses will guide a learning software developer to handle a difficult situation at any given time.

  8. hink of the larger picture and align with business goals and outcomes

    It is given that every software developer has business goals and outcomes in mind when starting. And, it is very important to have a business plan and understand the type of business you want to build. The next thing should be doing a lot of research on the market to understand your place as a developer and it can be done by talking to as many people as possible. And, taking the best full stack developer course would also help in better understanding. Last but not the least, finding the defects and the bugs, acknowledging the tester, fixing them, trying again if it does not work, and starting little by little but swiftly, play a significant role for a great software developer. 

  9. How to develop the right attitude and mindset

    These can be sharpened with courses like a full stack web development course with certification. Reading a lot of books or blogs, codes, etc. and most importantly, practicing will help a lot. It is also important to understand that one might not get success from the very beginning. A lot of practice and hunger for knowledge will one day result in the desired success. It is very important to acknowledge your own capabilities and work hard to achieve your desired goal. This is one of the most crucial software developer skills.

  10. Revise your knowledge

    Talk to a fellow programmer as that would often lead to a better judgment of your own programs as you can always learn from a discussion. And, it will in turn help you revise as well as add to your knowledge. Participating in different forums and blogs and learning from them will also help examine the knowledge you already have. Your knowledge is never enough and the more you learn, the more your program will grow to become the best one.

  11. Outcome-Oriented

    Great software developers are outcome-oriented, focusing on the end result rather than just completing tasks. They grasp the broader objectives of a project and align their efforts to achieve them efficiently. By understanding the business impact of their work, they deliver software solutions that meet both user needs and organizational goals. Their drive to create value and tangible results is what sets them apart from average developers. Read more on Full Stack Development with Cloud for Web and Mobile and Software Developer Vs. Software Engineer: Core Differences in Career and Job Roles.

  12. Crisis Management

    In the fast-evolving tech landscape, problems are bound to arise. A great software developer remains composed under pressure and excels in crisis management. Their ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues swiftly ensures minimal disruptions to the development process. Whether it’s debugging critical bugs or handling unexpected project setbacks, their adaptability and problem-solving skills enable them to steer the team towards success, even in the face of adversity. Explore more on How Leveraging GitHub Will Help Boost Your Coding Proficiency and A Comprehensive Guide for Becoming a Game Developer.

  13. Attention to Detail

    Precision and accuracy are hallmarks of a great software developer. They meticulously review their code, leaving no room for errors or oversight. Their keen attention to detail ensures that the software functions optimally and securely. By conducting thorough code reviews and debugging sessions, they maintain a high standard of quality in their work, earning trust and confidence from stakeholders and users alike.

  14. Innovation and Creativity

    Software development is a realm that thrives on innovation. Exceptional software developers possess a creative mindset, continuously seeking novel solutions to complex problems. They foster an environment that encourages creativity within their team and aren’t afraid to explore unconventional approaches. By blending innovative thinking with technical prowess, they push the boundaries of what’s possible and deliver groundbreaking software solutions that stand out in the market.


Being a great software developer is a tough job and the more you learn, the less it seems. But, it is important to be very patient in this lengthy process. So, in this long journey, it is very important to have the right attitude and mindset in order to be successful. But first, you need to realize you might begin with no attitude of a great software developer but as you practice and learn every day, it will eventually lead to success.


In this advanced world, instead of doing it for the money, it is important to think about the passion you have for the job. If you understand the passion, you will immediately work on your mindset which in turn will push you towards the desired goal. Because a passionate drive can most of the time push people towards the best results as it makes sure one does not give in easily.


The information given above will give you basic knowledge of how one can shape his/her attitude and mindset in order to gain success. Things like soft skills, coding, technical skills, how to handle situations and more will help you in the long run to bring out the best in you. And, this, in turn, will help you become a great software developer you aspire to be. 


Moreover, it is always preferred to think about the risks that will come with programming. Hence, gaining knowledge from every place possible is needed. Considering this, it is recommended to apply for programs and join courses in order to learn about advantages, disadvantages, and more.



The traits that define a great software developer go beyond mere technical proficiency. Their outcome-oriented mindset, crisis management skills, attention to detail, and penchant for innovation and creativity elevate them to new heights in the ever-evolving world of software development. As the demand for skilled professionals in this field continues to grow, nurturing and honing these software developer skills and software engineer skills becomes essential for aspiring developers aiming to make a lasting impact in the industry. By prioritizing these traits and developing a well-rounded skill set, software developers can position themselves as indispensable contributors to successful projects, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of technology.