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Top Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022

30 Jun 2022
Full stack development is a holistic strategy for the end-to-end development of web platforms and applications. A full stack web developer has the capacity to develop a fully-functioning web application or platform without any external help.  So, what is a full stack developer’s role? A full stack web developer can build the frontend, backend, and […]
Top Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022

Full stack development is a holistic strategy for the end-to-end development of web platforms and applications. A full stack web developer has the capacity to develop a fully-functioning web application or platform without any external help. 

So, what is a full stack developer’s role? A full stack web developer can build the frontend, backend, and database of a web environment on his/her own. This is done generally with the help of existing technology stacks (such as MEAN or MERN) or by combining different technologies for the client-side and server-side.

In other development processes, generally, there are separate developers who work on the frontend and backend. These developers are referred to as frontend and backend developers. However, with full stack development, individuals can simply develop a fully-functioning platform such as a video streaming platform (like Netflix) or a social media platform (like Instagram) on their own. 

Companies, too, can cut costs by employing full stack developers and preparing strong development pipelines. In these pipelines, errors are identified faster and developers have a deeper understanding of the web environment. How? For instance, let us assume that a full stack developer is assigned to the frontend portion of a web platform. However, there is an error in rendering a dynamic JavaScript element from the server side. In this kind of situation, due to having knowledge of the server-side, the full stack web developer can easily troubleshoot the client-side errors.

These developers enjoy great salaries and companies are always on the lookout for skilled full stack developers. By hiring candidates with full stack developer skills, companies can save a lot of money and time. One of the main targets of a business is to increase its revenue. And, by saving costs, they can do so.

These are the reasons why full stack developers are in high demand. Now, let us understand what skills, tools, and technologies these developers require.

What Does the Role of a Full Stack Developer Entail?

The job role of a full stack developer can be vastly different depending on the kind of company he/she is employed at and the project he/she is assigned to.

For example, if it is a medium-level web development firm, full stack developers might be responsible for building a web platform from scratch completely on their own. These full stack developers build their projects without any external help and handle the frontend, backend, and datasets alone.

Now, when it comes to large MNCs and corporates, full stack developers are generally assigned to a segment or portion of an existing project. Now, they must deal with improving the platform/application or troubleshooting existing glitches, bugs, and errors. 

Many a time, these full stack developers also are engaged in R&D (research and development) for new platforms or projects. There are also sub-branches of a project that generally do not affect the mainstream (live) platform but experiment with new concepts or ideas. 

Even though most of these experiments do not get added as updates or to the current builds of the project, experiments are always essential for improving the experience of end users.

What Technical Skills do Full Stack Developers Require?

Here are the technical skills that full stack developers require:

  • Frontend: For the frontend, these developers require CSS, HTML, and other frameworks or libraries such as Angular, Express, Vue, Bootstrap, and JQuery. While CSS and HTML are absolutely essential, the other frameworks and libraries are optional.
  • Backend: For the backend, these developers require programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, and TypeScript. However, developers can also use JavaScript-based backend frameworks like Node. Developers also need to know how to work with servers and connect datasets for backend development. For the backend, it is always recommended that full stack developers learn JavaScript.
  • Database: To set up data flows and databases, developers need to know SQL or MongoDB. Developers get to choose between SQL and NoSQL technologies. Thus, one can choose among the dozens of available database tools.

JavaScript is highly recommended for full stack developers as it is both a frontend and backend programming language. Most of the solid frameworks and libraries used in modern times are all JavaScript-based. Thus, it truly helps to know the language. However, there are also frameworks and libraries for Python, Ruby, and Scala.

Softs Skills Required by Full Stack Developers

Here are the soft skills that full stack developers require:

  • Understanding business requirements
  • Good business communication
  • Strong work ethics
  • Time management
  • Project management

Popular Tools and Technologies in Full Stack Development

Here are some popular tools and technologies required for full stack development:

  • Frontend tools: HTML and CSS
  • Programming languages: JavaScript, C++, Python, PHP, Scala, Ruby, Go, and TypeScript
  • MEAN stack tools: This stack comprises MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node
  • MERN stack tools: This stack includes MongoDB, Express, React, and Node
  • Text editors and integrated development environments (IDEs): IDEs and text editors such as Visual Studio, Atom, and Angular CLI
  • Git: Using Git repositories is essential
  • Browser developer tools: Mozilla Firefox or Chrome developer tools and inspect elements
  • Linux and Apache: It also helps to know how to work on Linux and Apache when working with stacks such as LAMP

It is not necessary to learn all of these tools and skills as you will only need a particular set of them depending on your requirement. For instance, if you are working on a platform that is built using the MERN or MEAN stack, you will only need to know JavaScript (TypeScript for Angular 2.0). 

All the technologies in the MEAN and MERN stacks are JavaScript-based. Thus, only needing you to have an understanding of JavaScript. However, HTML and CSS are always necessary, regardless of the stack you are using. HTML and CSS are the foundations of any web environment and determine what the end user (visitor) is seeing.

Depending on what kind of web application or platform you are working on, the technologies and tools that you choose are crucial to the success of the project. 

All of these tools and technologies can be learned with the help of online professional courses.

How to Learn all the Necessary Skills?

In order to learn these skills, you can refer to any good full stack developer course online. However, you must be aware of the technologies that are covered in the program as many online professional courses include older tools and technologies. It is recommended that you go for a course that focuses on popular stacks such as MEAN or MERN.

Even without a full stack developer course, you can learn all the technologies you will need with online learning platforms. However, a guided program with real-world projects will definitely help you learn better.

You can easily learn all the necessary skills with the help of Hero Vired’s certificate program in full stack development. This program comprises workshops, industry projects, and hands-on learning sessions. This is easily one of the best full stack developer courses that will allow you to acquire all the full stack developer skills you need.

This full stack web development course features the MERN stack and you also learn how to use Python and MySQL. While MERN can help you become a full stack developer, Python and MySQL also open up your avenues to use other technology stacks for different development processes.

Each skill is necessary for a specific portion of the web development process. Frontend technologies allow developers to build the client-side experience of the end user. Meanwhile, backend technologies help developers build the web platform’s core functionalities and backend functions. 

By and large, a full stack developer is responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving a web application or platform on their own. With a full stack development certification, one can become capable enough to handle all these segments of a full stack development process. 

Online learning is the future and a good program such as the full stack web development course by Hero Vired will definitely help you become a skilled full stack developer.

Web development is one of the most popular domains in information technology in modern times. Why? It is due to the growing need for businesses to go online. A digital revolution is happening right now where more businesses than ever are shifting online from brick and mortar shops. Due to this digital revolution, new requirements are also opening up and businesses are coming up with new strategies to present their products or services online. 

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