A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming a Full- Stack Developer in Just 5 Months

Are you looking for the right strategy to learn web development skills? Well, you have landed on the right page. There is plenty of information about web development courses on the internet, which can be rather too confusing. 

Drawing insights from the testimony of various readers, we felt the need for curating a comprehensive guide on full-stack web development courses. In this guide, we are listing actionable steps you can take to become industry-ready in the full-stack web development stream in just five months. 

Before we get to the strategy, let us first understand who is a full stack developer. We will explore their roles, responsibilities, and functions in an organization. This will help you assess your skills and potential to decide if you really want to dive into this field or not.  

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is an IT professional who assists the organization in web development functions. They look after both the front-end and back-end of the software application, hence the title full-stack. They are responsible for optimizing the visible parts of the website along with constructing and refining the software that operates the database servers of the company.

Now that you know what a full-stack developer does, the next step is to understand the skills required by a full-stack developer. The following guide will help you plan a career as a full-stack web developer. 

1. Master key skills to be a full-stack developer.

As a full-stack developer, you need to have a mix of various skills to fulfil different roles. Given below are some important skills that must you hone to become a competent full-stack web developer.

2. Front-end Technology

Front-end determines the look and feel of the website and is hence very crucial from the user-engagement point of view. To design and maintain a smooth and interactive user interface, you must have a good understanding of technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc. 

3. Frameworks and Libraries

Framework refers to the pre-written code modules for websites and libraries are an assortment of plugins and extensions—both of these are crucial components for web development. Hence, you should learn about popular frameworks such as ReactJs, Ember, Angular etc. and the J-query library.  

4. Server-side programming languages 

It goes without saying that to become a full-stack developer, you should have a sound knowledge of programming languages. Some popular programming languages are Java, Python, Ruby, .NET. These programming languages are essential for coding.  

5. Web Performance Optimization (WPO) 

Web performance optimization techniques are important to ensure a smooth-running website. It reduces the load time, which is very essential for a good user experience.

6. Version Control System

A version control system enables the developer to keep track of all changes made to code over time. It allows them to compare the various versions of code and, if need be, restore a previous version. 

7. Basic Design Ability

Keeping front-end web development in mind, a full-stack developer should have basic design skills. It includes knowledge of basic prototypes and UX/UI design. This enables them to design a user interface that is both smooth and appealing to the end user. 

8. Enrol in an online certification course 

Now that you are aware of the skills required for a full stack developer, the next step is to get enrolled in a course that will help you acquire these skills. There are different courses varying in duration and medium that you can opt for. However, it is best to take an online certification course keeping the current scenario in mind. 

An online course is more flexible, convenient, and offers more individual attention. It helps you to learn the nuances of the subject from within the comfort of your home. The duration for online certification courses in Full-stack development ranges from 6 to 12 months. 

Experts suggest that you should ideally enrol in a full-stack developer course with a job guarantee. A full-stack developer course with a job guarantee ensures that you focus on learning the subject without worrying about your future employment opportunities. In India, Hero Vired offers a full-stack developer course with a job guarantee. 

8. Prepare for the Interview

After you have developed the required skills, you should prepare to show your ability with them with conviction in an interview. A pro tip for acing your interview is to understand the interviewer’s intention behind each question. This will help in framing your responses better and ones that fit the answer they were looking for.

Confidence while responding to the interview questions is a key indicator to an interviewer that you know what you are talking about. The sure-shot way of being confident during the interview is to have a clear understanding of the subject. 

You should always carry a portfolio to verify the claims on your CV. The portfolio can have a project that you have previously worked on, an internship,  freelance work or anything else that showcases your work clearly. 

Your Key Takeaway

Full-stack development has emerged to be one of the most lucrative career opportunities for young professionals. The demand for full-stack developers has increased in almost every prominent industry as they make their transition to digital platforms. 

However, as a full-stack developer, you should understand that technology is constantly changing. The skills that you hone today will need to be updated in the coming years. But if your foundation is strong, you will be able to smoothly transition into the advanced spectrums. 

To build a strong knowledge and learning base, it is important to enrol in a  good web development course. In India, Hero Vired offers a certificate program in Full-stack development with cloud for mobile and web development, powered by Codecademy. 

The program has a gamified and interactive learning approach to ensure a better understanding of the subject. All the classes are 70-90% live instructor-led along with a 3-month capstone project aimed at whetting all the necessary skills. The program also comes with a placement assurance to help you stay focussed on the learning bit of the subject. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the Hero Vired Full-Stack Development program today!





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