Your Guide to a Career in Video Game Development and Design

Your Guide to a Career in Video Game Development and Design

We are surrounded by technology, from booking flight tickets, to ordering groceries online it can all be done through technology and sitting at the comfort of your home.

This technological development has taken the world of gaming by storm and the changes we have seen are enormous, not only in terms of experience of the end user, but for video game developers as well. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have become an integral part of video games today.

If you are looking to make a career in video game development or a career in video game designing, then this article will help you understand what online development courses can help, what a career in game development means, the skills required and how game design and development courses can boost your career.

After the recent pandemic we have seen a rise in the need for online games, combined with the technology available the expectation to deliver a high-end user experience has boosted and expanded the job market with the focus on skilled and experienced video game developers. 

What do video game developers do?

Let us go back to basics, what do video game developers do? How is it different from video game designing and how online courses for video game development and video game designing courses can alter your career.

Game development or video game development is the process of ideating, creating, developing and designing video games.

Video games can be designed for personal computers, consoles, mobiles and tabletop games. But designing a game involves a team of artist, designers, developers and engineers.  

It involves the process of 

  • Pre-production
  • Production 
  • Postproduction 

With technology changing and evolving every day, it becomes important to stay ahead of this and capitalize on these changes. This is where online video game development courses, and online game design courses come in handy and you can upgrade your skills and upgrade your career in game development

Today with easy accessibility to the internet and so many different online courses offered, you can pick and choose an online course that suits your framework. 

For example, if you are a video game developer and you want to understand the designing aspect that you can choose a course that will help you understand game designing. We offer online courses on game designing that range from basic to expert levels. 

We have covered what it takes to create and launch a video game. Let’s now look at the nitty gritty of things, such as how a video game developer is different from a video game designer.

These terms are sometimes used as a synonym of each other and are thought to be interchangeable, but below listed are the key differences between a video game designer versus a video game developer. 

A game designer is someone who designs the framework of the video game, in terms of what story they want to tell, what are the characters of the video game, how they want the game to look like and what would be the core features of the game. They create the vison and do a less coding compared to the developer.

Once the story and characters are ready a video game developer will the bring this vision to life and make it a reality.

Components involved in Video Game Development

It is not enough to just develop and design a video game. It is important to understand the small nuances and intricacies of what it takes to develop and design a game. You learn this either through experience or taking up online game development courses. 

Not only do their increase your knowledge, but will give you clear understanding of which aspect of video gaming, whether you want to be a designer or developer you would like to build your career in.


Every video game begins with a story, it should have a start, middle and ending and this has to be cohesive and should tie together with the vision of the designer, which then the developer brings to life. It should be riveting and should hook the audiences. The visuals, plot and character development should appeal to end user.


As video games work on the concept of a story, the characters, be it the hero or the villain and the secondary or supporting characters these should have a range and emotions, they should feel and look realistic, not merely robots. These characters should add value to the story and have personalities.

Levels and upgrades

When designing a game or developing one, it should be decided how many levels are going to go in the game, what are the upgrades and how to ensure a good and satisfying end user experience to your audience. It can be simple or complicated or somewhere in between based on the budget and who the targeted audience are.


One important foundation of any good video game includes music, background score and the audio related to the video game can enhance the quality of a video game. A good music score, and audio quality can make a good video game into a great one.  It’s the finer details that go into making a good video game is what is important. If you are looking to make a career in the video game development industry, you can look at some of the online game development courses be it for video game development or courses for video game designer, it will prove useful to boost your profile. 

Apart from this in order to have a career in game development it’s important to have problem solving skills, creativity and vision along with programming knowledge. 

How to get started with a career in game development 

Now that we have covered what it involves building, create and launch a video game, let us see what is needed to start your career in game development what courses you can do to upgrade your career, skill set and knowledge.

Computer programming

In order to bring to life, the story created on a vision board, developers and designers need to know programming language some of which include C++, C#, python and java etc. There is no one specific language that is used in the world of video game development, but C++ is the crowd’s favorite. You can learn these courses online by taking up the video game courses that are available with us. 

Understanding visions and building basic games 

Sometimes we have the right idea, but do not know how to present this or pitch it in the right manner. Again, video gaming development and video game designing involves a lot of hard work and effort, but the payoff for this is huge. If you are facing these issues then you can always take a course be in game designing or development to understand the components of development and design better. You can also start by building a prototype which will help you pitch the idea or your vision for the video game better. 

Intricate designs and modules 

In order to build your career in game development, knowing the basics is not enough. For you to be able to build a complicated game, or to understand how to reach to the next level in your career you will have to grow your skills, stay at the top of your game and continuously enhance your skills.  Today with accessibility to technology being so easy, you can always pick up online courses in game development or game designing. Pushing yourself out of the comfort zone can be tough but taking up small online courses in video game development means taking it step by step, in order to build a more successful and fulfilling career in the video game development and designing segment. 

AI/VR, audio-video visuals

Today major components of a video game involve artificial intelligence, virtual reality games and they seem more lifelike and real. To stay relevant, in these dynamic times, every video game developer and designer needs to continuously up their skills and continue to add value to their job. With competition being so high, it becomes imperative to learn new skills.  A variety of courses from gaming development to designing to getting started with gaming is available. Taking up these courses is going to help start your career in video game development or take it newer heights 

Key Takeaways 

Building and developing a career or starting a fresh in the video game development segment requires a lot of knowledge and a creative mind. Using the right tools for developing your skills and channelizing your creativity in the right manner means there is no looking back and sky is the limit. 

Hero Vired’s Certificate Program in Gaming and eSports is a great first step to get started in this exciting field. The program is offered in partnership with NODWIN Gaming, one of the leading gaming and esports company. 

The program gives you the option of pursuing careers in areas such as game development, game design, eSports tournament management, league operations, and more. You will also get assistance in acquiring additional Unity certifications once you graduate from the program.

Today one of the most well-paying and booming industry is the video game development and designing industry. This industry is going to continue to grow and there will always be a demand for creative and experienced video game developers and video game designers. 

 All you need is grit, determination, and perseverance to succeed.






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